Monday, August 5, 2013

PC vs PS4 Review

PC vs Next Gen Consoles

Seems a lot of PC users are running scared of the next gen consoles constantly annoying Console gamers with their believe that PC games are better, well Lets find out which is better.

First lets talk prices.
Pc gamers constantly tell consle gamers they could build cheaper and better specs then consles, well I gave it a try to see if I could do at least the same as a ps4.
The ps4 CPU is about equal to a i3 and is 8cores and the gpu is equal to a gpu with a passmark score of around 4000 such as GTX660nonTI, it also has 8gb ram that is ddr5 which pc's can't beat.
It also comes with a £29.99 wireless controller, which is only fair to include in the price, a 500gb hard-drive, and a blue-ray player.
Here is what I put together below with the cheapest parts possible and still remaining some quality such as the PSU so the hardware don't blow in a power-cut and a mid case so the motherboard don't fry..
MSI GTX 660 2GB GDDR5 HDMI DVI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card- £144.99
AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz Socket AM3+ 16MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor-£122-97 
Biostar A960G+ 760G Socket AM3+ VGA 6 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard - £30.83
2xExtra Value 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory - £21.40
Casecom JL-68 All Black Case - £19.30
Powercool 550W PSU - 1x PCI-E 4x SATA - £34.98
LiteOn IHOS104 SATA Blu-Ray Optical Drive | OEM - £20.99
Samsung 500GB Spinpoint 2.5" SATA-II HDD - £38.44
Trust Curve Wireless Keyboard And Mouse - £28.52
Total cost is £448.84

The PS4 as £339.99 which is £108.85 difference and that is a lot and most people cant afford that.
So the ps4 is cheaper and that is not the best parts around, sure you could drop £10 on both the case and psu but the system would likely blow in a week.

Pc gamers will say their games are cheaper then console which is true but its a minor £5 and would be 21 games before the console becomes as expensive as the PC. But they forget that consoles have pre-own games sales at which point the console games the same price, plus you can trade you friends.

Pc games will say their accessory such as head sets are cheaper but that is not really true as my last xbox360 head set cost just £5 which was cheaper then the PC ones at £9.99.

Winner for Price for be PS4.

Alot of PC gamers complain saying its going to play at 720p and at 30fps but that is because they fear that the one thing they over a console at the moment. It is just not true sony has said they aim for 1080p at 60fps and many games have already been confirmed to have these features, Below is links and you can find lots more though Google. 
So if a PC gamer tells you that next next gen conses play at 720p and 30fps you know they are lying because they are scared that their investment cant no longer say they have that as an advantage of consles.

Next Pc gamers will say they have HD textures and consoles will not have them and once again they are wrong . In fact a xbox360 game called Battlefield 3 did release a HD CD pack proving that the even the old consoles could do it but ram was a issue.Well the ps4 has 8gb of ram allowing HD textures. Also a new texture compression has been created that even the new nexus 7(2013 edition)  is using , this has not been shown in tech demos yet but will hit the console when released.
Also Microsoft has been working heavy on this and created a new system to have more detail then ever before and works on the xbox one , links below.
So not only does next gen consoles get HD textures now they have gone past it to ultra HD textures, poor PC gamers just can't keep up with the times and will struggle to run the same. unless they update to windows 8.1.

Multiplayer is a huge part in gaming and PC are lacking behind greatly.
Firstly you have online games with much more players on the consoles then they do on the PC, also PC online games are filled with hackers using programs such as auto aim bots that go un-detected and ruin the experience. Both PC and console have bug abusers but that is not a hack!, instead its could glitching.

Now the ps4 online will cost a fee unlike the PC but that is 1 account for all games compared to PC which is an account for each game, you lose control quick with a PC.
You would think that online fee makes Console cost more then PC in the long run well its only £30 per year still making it about £80 cheaper to play consoles.

A feature the PCs lack behind on is local split screen gaming with 4 players at no performance lost. So say you have a group of family or friends over you can chill with a beer and play with 4 people on just 1 console. If you did that on a Pc not only do you need a PC for each user you need a Screen for each user, that makes the Pc cost up to 4 times the amount. Plus not to mention each game has to be bought 4 times compared to that 1 console game just to play with your friends. That online console fee is nothing compared to the cost of 4 PC £1795.36. So the PC's once again are still not as fast advance as a games console

What about physis and particles etc, well ps4 has that too and if you look at the last of the games released for xbox360 you will see fog,smoke,water,waterphysics,better shadows and much more.
Once again the ps4 is far faster then last gen(16 times faster by specs) and will include all features and even new shaders to making it look more amazing then ever before. Plus people forget its a gpu which is mid-high end PC and they do !.

Controls are simply down to personally performance but most people agree that joypads are more comfortable but mouse is more accurate so its about even.

Winner for gameplay is PS4.

The ps4 is a hard machine to beat and with PC lacking behind in both price and game play as the console has all the same effects and 1080p at 60fps along with HD textures.
The ps4 is far cheaper and the more players who play it makes it far cheaper then the PC could ever wish to be.
If PC was better then PC users would not be on the ps4 or xbox-one post/reviews etc complaining how PC is better that their system is better, the only reason they are there is because they are scared that the ps4 will match the PC and their £1000 machine becomes worthless which it is.
PC gamers will constantly lie and ignore sources etc just like they did when Crysis 3 came to console, many said the xbox360 could not handel it and it that would play at 10fps which in the end they was proven completely wrong.
Also if ps4 is crap then it would not be selling so fast infact its about around 2500 sold per minute making around three million per day.
This is very impressive showing that most people want a cheap good gaming rig which the ps4 is.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Minecraft Tardis

My Tardis

This is the first time I have ever uploaded something other then my 3d work, recently I have played Minecraft and found it fun to create stuff.

After watching Doctor Who I became inspired to create my own Minecraft Tardis , this is the first Tardis 1.0 that still requires a lot of work, if people like it ill keep updating often as possible.

I have a few bugs like when you walk though you lose some heath and I got some error on the sign post erasing the writing Police Box, I think it is due to the texture pack.
I also have a bunch of zombies hungry for my brain which you can hear, I need to deal with those soon.

It's bigger on the inside !.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blocking Walk Animation

Blocking Walk Animation
Been a little busy recently so not had much time to doodle with Blender but I have squished in some time in the last two today's which is blocking my first walk cycle.
This is the results of my first walk cycle blocking, in the next few days the full body will be blocked out and then Ill start splining followed by polishing the animation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ball And Tail Animation

 Ball And Tail Animation

Today's lesson was learning the workflow Blocking,Splining and then Polishing, and with out delay here is my results for today's lesson.
Created In Blender

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bouncing Ball

 Bouncing Ball
Yesterday I started learning animation and created a "ball and chain animation" in which I uploaded a small clip off, However I also created a bouncing ball which sadly I deleted part of its animation so I was unable to upload a clip off it.
However today I learned a little on creating rigs and decided to recreate the bouncing ball animation which I damaged, but this time I would use no guide to create the animation.

This is my results, its not perfect but it is my first ever true animation on which I used no guide to create, only using my muscle memory.
Note this is only day 2(about 4 hours in total) of me studying/learning animation.