Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Almost married.

Almost married 

Almost married and we are so excited now less than a month to the big day. 
Everything is paid for and all our debts are cleared up now. Dresses are matching and honeymoon is in Cornwall. 

I don't really update this page but just found out that my ex is going crazy for me it's so funny,  Josie has pissed her off. 
Don't know why but my ex's keep contacting my partner and we get a kick out of it x

So my life is full of laughs now,  I doubt I'll  be updating this blog again. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Engaged to be married.

Hi it has been a long time since I have posted something, so maybe it's time for an update.

First of all I'm found my soul mate Josie and she is an angle who knew it was my friend of 3 years, she accepts me for who I am and is very supportive of me. She rocks my world and on the 12 th of august she proposed to me and the answer was a yes with a massive kiss and hugs. Every day I wake up to the girl I love laying next to me in each others arms and it truly is the best feeling one could ever have, she has no idea how much love I have for her aldo I do try my hardest to show her and give her the live she deserves.

My hormones are changing my body, my breast have developed and I have my first fitting bra, my body shape is changing also my skin is a lot more pink.. My hair is getting longer and I've found that blond is my favourite colour however due to me having thin hair I can not dye or dip dye so I'm unsure what to do about the problem.
The hormones has also changed my mind a lot and I no longer find myself enjoying 3D art as much as  I use to so it is doubt fall I will continue down this route and will have to rediscover my self.
I'm starting to fall in love with clothes and thinking about creating my own.

My debts are starting to clear up now just a little while longer and me and Josie will be debt free. Time to plan our future and save towards our wedding.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life is a Struggle but things get better.

Life is a Struggle but things get better.

I seem to struggle everyday but things are getting better for me, so Ill go into depth a little.

I've made a major step forward about an month ago and came out as a trans-women that means I am transsexual , this sounds easy to some but it has taken me years to come out because of living in fear.
Now I look back I don't know why I was so sacred as everyone has been so wonderful and treating me with great respect, its unreal not a single person as turned their back on me.
I am trying to go full time as a women but I don't have the funds to buy a whole new wardrobe so its a slow past change, however all my jeans are now women's, I have 2 dresses,a wig(untill my hair grows). I have gotten a little bit of makeup and already I'm getting fussy on brand shades.
With just these steps I feel so much better and comfortable.

As for my 3D sadly with my depression I struggle to motivate myself but I took a step forward and happy to say Ill be going to college this year, this is very exciting and I will force my self back into routine which is a good thing to have. I plan to study Art and Design for the next 4-5 years.

As for updates here I often forget I have a blogger and I cant motivate my self as Ive said due to depression, but I hope with my tablets being changed and the support being assigned to me it should greatly lift my mood which will chuck me back into things.

I now have my house but I plan to move house again soon, just the area is not right for me and a few antisocial things happen around here which I rather stay clear off.

For now Ill just try to cope but I hope to soon be back on track.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blocking Walk Animation

Blocking Walk Animation
Been a little busy recently so not had much time to doodle with Blender but I have squished in some time in the last two today's which is blocking my first walk cycle.
This is the results of my first walk cycle blocking, in the next few days the full body will be blocked out and then Ill start splining followed by polishing the animation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ball And Tail Animation

 Ball And Tail Animation

Today's lesson was learning the workflow Blocking,Splining and then Polishing, and with out delay here is my results for today's lesson.
Created In Blender